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The Lajit Story

Sherpa Grade Shilajit.

Dhaulagiri, Nepal

28.6985° N, 83.4873° E

What makes this story extraordinary has nothing to do with us, the founders. In fact we’re only relevant to the story at all because we’re the ones telling it. This all began long before we were born and will continue on long after we’re gone, consider us mere messengers.     

If we start by going back to the ancient Vedic texts, there are several mentions of Shilajit and it’s coveted Rasayana powers. Perhaps the oldest and most famous origin story of Shilajit also appears in these texts. While residing in the Himalayan Mountains, Lord Shiva is visited by an elderly King Chandra Varma. Impressed by his determination and wisdom, Shiva takes Shilajit from his own body, to restore the  youth and vigor of the aging King. Lord Shiva also gives “Amrit”, (Sanskrit for immortality and widely used as a name for Shilajit) to all of mankind as a gift of eternal youth and health.

Aristotle recommended consuming Shilajit and honey with a concoction of milk and grape juice. Alexander the Great gave Shilajit to his generals and personal guards to keep them sharp on the battlefield. Shakespeare also familiarized himself with the sticky substance and wrote about it in a few of his famous plays. 

Many people in Hindu culture claim to have met Sadhus and Yogis that live and meditate for hundreds of years without ever growing old or getting sick. In the high altitudes of the Himalayas they’re able to withstand extreme weather with little to no protective gear. They remain young and active by consuming Shilajit, doing breath work and practicing Kundalini Yoga.

In 1870 British explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley traveled to the Himalayas and observed the native monkeys eating a black sticky substance. His intrigue wasn’t inspired by the strange resin they were snacking on, but the fact that they were far healthier and more athletic than their European counterparts. As these observations continued it was revealed that the monkey population supplementing with Shilajit also had longer lifespans and were reproducing at a much higher rate.

What is it that makes Shilajit so extraordinary though? As if creating super monkeys and being a muse for Shakespeare wasn’t enough! Let’s dive a little bit deeper. 

Within all of Earth’s creations we can witness a cycle that is as natural as it is polarizing. Flowers blossoming into spectacular displays of color and life, only to wilt, shrivel and eventually decay back into nothingness. That’s life. We’re born, we live, we die, we decompose.

When plants and animals decompose over enough time they break down into humus. Humus is an organic component of the soil that contains fulvic and humic acids. Fulvic acid alone has over 50,000 unique biological compounds, including phytonutrients, amino acids, peptides, minerals, enzymes, nucleic acids, carbon, oxygen, and sulfur in a highly concentrated and bioactive form. The highest concentration of fulvic acid on Earth is found in Shilajit.

So what decomposed to make Lajit you might ask? Well, we work directly with the Sherpas that have collected and purified Gold Grade Shilajit for over 30 generations, so we know that their source is top tier.

At about 18.000 feet up in the Dhaulagiri Mountain Range the most resilient and adaptogenic plants and herbs grow. After hundreds, thousands or even millions of years those plants and herbs decompose and eventually become Lajit Shilajit. A true panacea of human health and vitality.

We learned firsthand that not all shilajit is created equal. By taking it ourselves for the last 15 years  and studying the industry we realized 90% of Shilajit products on the market today are fake or poor quality. We quickly saw that this ancient Earth medicine was being exploited and the true wisdom was being suppressed.

After experiencing the profound rejuvenating effects of our Sherpa sourced Shilajit, we knew this was something special that the world needed to know about.

Our Sherpa friends were excited to start supplying the U.S. market with their Gold Grade Shilajit as well! The opportunity couldn’t have happened at a better time because over the last 400 years since the Sherpas settled in Nepal, their main source of income has been from tourism. With worldwide travel restrictions and lockdowns it’s been a challenging time for our Nepalese brothers and sisters.

A part of our mission is to give back to the people and the lands that we source from. Subscribe to our our newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date with our “Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Soil” Initiative. beginning 2022 in Sedona and Nepal.

The bigger mission is to help raise the vibration of the planet and together create Heaven on Earth. We believe healing ourselves and healing the world are mirrored actions. We know that Shilajit, along with the powers of humic and fulvic acid can help out tremendously with both.

Everyday we will work on being a part of the solution. Tha’s the Lajit promise.

Ben Steezy & JRock Tha Truth. 


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