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About us

Join our founder Ben, on a journey through the Himalayas where Lajit Gold Shilajit is sourced:

At Lajit Gold, we are committed to sustainably sourcing and delivering high quality herbal tonics that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We are more than just a shilajit brand – we are a catalyst for transformation and a source of empowerment. Our mission is to ignite your journey to optimal health, wellness, and personal growth through a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern intention. Our daily actions are guided by these six pillars adapted from Jaramy Eugene Wilson and the Light Army.

The Six Pillars of Personal Empowerment: 

  1. Honor Your Body: We treat the body as a sacred temple, sourcing only the finest ingredients cultivated sustainably and ethically. Our herbal tonics are a testament to this commitment.
  2. Discipline Your Mind: Harnessing the power of the mind is essential to our mission. We promote practices such as meditation and mindfulness to enhance mental clarity and focus, enabling you to unlock your full potential
  3. Nurture Your Emotions: Emotions are vital to well-being. We encourage practices that positively impact our network and teach the wisdom of using emotions as an internal GPS for personal growth.
  4. Serve Your Society: Giving back is ingrained in our ethos. We partner directly with indigenous communities like the Sherpas and support causes that promote environmental and social well-being.
  5. Expand Your Prosperity: We believe that health and wealth are interconnected. Our products empower individuals to achieve physical, mental, and financial success, offering opportunities for growth through our affiliate and wholesale programs.
  6. Shine Your Soul: Ultimately, we honor the soul's guidance on the path to healing and enlightenment. Our products harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, radiating inner harmony and enlightenment into the world.

With Lajit Gold, you embark on a transformative journey where single-origin, Sherpa-sourced, gold-grade Shilajit is just the beginning. We extend our commitment to wellness through organic, natural fibers in our merchandise, and a dedication to purity in every product we offer. Our intention is clear: to empower individuals so they can, in turn, change their world for the better.

Join us in this holistic adventure, where wellness is a lifestyle, empowerment is a mission, and your journey is the destination.

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