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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Yesterday we took some time off to reflect during the Fall Equinox 🌓

A 50/50 split between day and night brought us back to balance and reminded us of the powerful symbol of the yin yang ☯️

Solstice is a time for gratitude and letting go of the ideas, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us 🙏

Honoring the union of divine feminine and divine masculine, while letting go of the “not self” egoistic traits that still bind us.

This was the theme of our harvest moon ceremony leading into the Equinox 🌕✨

Yin energy is female, black, soft, cold, passive and brings spirit to all things 🖤

Yang energy is male, white, active, creative, warm and brings form to all things 🤍

The yin yang perfectly captures the unison of all things beyond limitation, like the brightest light dancing with the darkest shadows ✨💃🏻✨

Shilajit is considered a kidney yang tonic in traditional Chinese medicine. The kidneys are where our Yang Qi (life energy) is created.

Shilajit has many yin properties as well being black, soft and passive until purified. This is why we believe Shilajit is a perfectly balanced substance that can help us in many areas of life ✨🏔

We hope you are finding balance in your own life and honoring the divine sovereign being that you are 🙌

The grounding , yet activating energies of Lajit has definitely helped us on this journey and we’re hoping it does the same for you 🎁

If you haven’t tried Lajit yet drop us a comment and let us know why you want to try it. If you’re already a Lajit aficionado then tag two friends you’d want to share it with. We’ll pick a couple people at random to send a free 20g jar to* 😁🔥

Just a small token of gratitude to help #getlajit across the 🌎

*This promotion is in no way associated with Facebook or Instagram and no other person or party other than Lajit Gold LLC has endorsed this or is responsible for promises made. Must be 18 years or older and a citizen of the United States to win. No purchase necessary. Winners will be chosen before October 1st 2021

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