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Lajit gives you mental clarity.
Lajit Shilajit gives you mental clarity.
Shilajit for your whole family.
Lajit Shilajit gives you mental clarity.
All the Lajit Shilajit Benefits
Lajit Shilajit gives you mental clarity.
What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an organic plant substance containing high amounts of fulvic and humic acid. Originally discovered in the mountains of the Himalayas, Shilajit has been used for millennia by mountain tribes and Ayurvedic practitioners for its highly adaptogenic, immune boosting properties.

Above the tree line where only the most resilient plants can grow, the harsh elements form the Shilajit Resin through thousands of years of decomposition. 

Our Gold Grade Shilajit is found veined within rocks high up in the Dhaulagiri mountain range. It is then hand collected by Sherpas, the mountain tribes of Nepal who have been collecting and purifying Shilajit for generations.

What does this mean for you?

A powerful tonic proven to balance your hormones, restore your microbiome, improve your cognition, and rejuvenate you from the inside out with its anti-aging properties. Many people report feeling refreshed and energized immediately after consuming it.

Fulvic acid is a sub-nanoparticle and has over 50,000 biological compounds in trace ionic form. The fulvic acid goes to work on delivering nutrients directly to your cells. Humic acid is a little larger than fulvic acid and acts as a natural chelator, binding to free radicals and heavy metals aiding the body in detoxification.    

for more information or to study the health benefits of Shilajit, visit our research page here.

Start with a rice grain-sized portion (approximately 100mg) 1-3 times a day for general well  being. This amount may be gradually increased to a pearl sized-portion for greater potency and effect. Shilajit resin is water soluble. Stir into a small amount of warm water, take sublingually, or add to your favorite beverages using wood utensils.

To consume dissolve a pearl sized portion in hot water, tea, or milk. Traditionally its recommended to take with ghee or raw honey to increase delivery. 

Alternatively it can be dissolved directly under the tongue.

Shilajit has an earthy, slightly bitter flavor which mixes well with chai, coffee, and your favorite milk.

For new ideas check out our recipe page.

Many people report feeling benefits within 10 days. For the maximum benefit, we recommend taking one to three portions of Shilajit per day over a 6-8 week period.

Some people feel a difference immediately after taking it. Others will notice the long term benefit. Some people report feeling calm and relaxed, while others are very stimulated and only take it in the morning. 

When taken directly, Shilajit has a complex earthy flavor with a strong bitter component, slightly tart and sweet, with a bitter finish. 

As a tea, Shilajit has a rich amber color with an earthy, slightly bitter flavor, known to mix very well with chai and coffee.

Shilajit is a legendary tonic healing herb with a wide range of benefits spanning body, mind, and spirit. As an adaptogen, it will help you to adapt to stress and thrive in any environment.

Some notable benefits of Shilajit:

  • Improve Brain Function
  • Restore Long Term Energy (jing)
  • Increase Vitality and Natural Testosterone
  • Improve Absorption of Minerals and Nutrients
  • Increase Libido and Fertility
  • Boosts Immune System

for more information or to study the health benefits of Shilajit, visit our research page here.


100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit

"I have tried different Shilajit brands in the past. Lajit is the purest and most powerful Shilajit product that I have tried."

~ Ryan Prosper

29 reviews for Lajit Himalayan Shilajit

  1. Sarah G.

    Shilajit is a must have for my health and spiritual toolkit!! I noticed a difference in cognition and energy after a few days and I was completely blown away after a week. Better sleep, more relaxed and able to handle stress. I won’t live without it. Thank you Lajit you guys rock!!

  2. Forest h.

    This is the best shilajit resin I’ve found. Super clean amber color and tastes amazing. Thanks!

  3. Deer Velvet

    Truly amazing. I can feel the energy and clarity as soon as I take it. Life changing!

  4. Rex Hilton

    I have tried 6 or 7 types of Shilajit, and this is BY FAR the best I’ve experienced! Also the only one I’ve felt within seconds!
    Flying high! I started including Lajit with every Infinity Stones piece that I create. Lajit works great with the influence of crystal energy!

  5. Pierra Rayes

    Lajit the best Shilajit i’ve found… and trust me, I’ve gone through a dozen Shilajit products over the past 5 years and this is by far the cleanest and most potent. I for real don’t know how I was surviving without it all this time. Extreme boost in my cognitive functioning and productivity. Thanks massive Lajit!

  6. Sadhu

    Mountain biking for 20+ years has put a lot of stress on my body. Lajit is part of my daily routine now because of how resilient I feel after taking it. I usually just stir it in my coffee in the morning and I feel great within minutes. Definitely going to be ordering more soon, this stuff is Lajit!

  7. Scott Henderson

    This is the most amazing product. It gives me so much energy to get thru the day. I put it in my coffee and 30 minutes later WOW! It also boosts my mental clarity. I’m so glad I found this company… Thank you Ben for turning me on to this wonderful product…😀👍🙌❤️

  8. Vo Vera

    I’ve been using this product for a while now. I understand that how one feels is a collective effect of all of one’s undertakings, but I feel like I have overall more energy and a better immune system when I’m consistent with the jit. I recognize that mineralization is a huge issue with today’s agriculture. But with this, I’m supplementing without having to take man-made supplements that were synthesized in a lab and weren’t even assimilatable in the first place. Anyways, I feel healthier, more mineralized, and more able as an vegan athlete and academic. Thanks Lajit!

  9. Tiffany

    After using Lajit every day for the last month I have noticed several significant shifts in my well-being.
    The most obvious has been a 30 to 50 percent increase in my stamina during fast paced mini trampoline exercise.
    After a consistent week of once a day Lajit my sleep became deeper and more restful.
    I find that I am more emotionally balanced and heart centered in my daily life.
    Overall I am so thrilled by the benefits of Lajit and I believe as I continue to use it I will find increased benefits.
    At this point my body craves it each day and it will be a staple in my health regiment.

  10. Kenneth S

    Love this product, gives me a natural energy and focus that doesn’t fade through the day….

  11. Amy

    Love the energy I get from it. I have noticed a reduction in sugar cravings and it helps with my neuropathy

  12. Troy Casey

    People often ask me if I take Shilajit… The answer is yes! Ben Steezy hooked me up with some of the Lajit stuff. Electrifying functional food!

  13. Lauren

    I love putting this in my coffee every morning because it gives me so much stamina throughout the day for workouts and my kundalini yoga practice. It’s also helped balance my hormones from having my 3rd baby this year. Definitely worth the investment!

  14. Sarah G

    This is WAY Better than coffee for energy! I felt good after just one serving, got a jar and started taking it every morning, within the week I bought 5 more for family as gifts. I’ve never felt more like a fanatic or been as excited to share a health product with family and friends! Do yourself a favor and get Lajit!

  15. Pablo N

    Lajit is one of the best shilajit I ever experience. Besides been in my morning recipes they are family and truly care about the customers.

  16. Nate L

    Super high quality Shilajit coming from a line of loving hands. Makes me feel super charged!

  17. Ben Hatfield

    Lajit Gold is the best shilijit I’ve ever used. It has slightly sweet taste which makes it much more palatable than other brands I’ve tried and has a texture that is obviously an authentic resin and not an imitation. I notice an increase of energy, focus, and well being when I have my morning dose. My wife and I were immediately in love with it and her sister switched from her shilijit brand to Lajit Gold after one taste. I highly recommend!

  18. Will V

    I 100% would suggest this medicine! I feel better for weeks straight after starting ~ I feel natural energy, enthusiastic, steady.
    I am skeptical of supplements and am genuinely surprised that I feel this good. I just re-upped and got three more tins as my partner Heather loves this too.

  19. Alexander H

    Extremely potent and powerful medicine.

  20. Benjamin McGrand

    Lajit brings together a passion for tonic herbalism and the highest quality sourcing on the market. Unlike other resins, just one pea of this Shilajit will have you soaring through your day like an eagle. Not only is it sweeter and snoother texture, with the sublime packaging you will be even more happy to show it off to all your friends.

  21. Ryan Prosper

    I have tried different Shilajit brands in the past. Lajit is the purest and most powerful Shilajit product that I have tried. Drinking a cup of Lajit after rising leaves me feeling clear and full of natural energy. Perfect way to start the day!

  22. Jamie P

    Thank you so much! Love your product, loved the way you guys make this personal and add your personal touch (with the hand written card and tea samples)! You guys are awesome!

    Sincerely grateful ❤

  23. Angelo

    This product is so incredible I can actually feel it if this is the only change to my diet & lifestyle. So I got my mom, dad, and girlfriend taking it!

  24. Nazaret Reynoso

    Best Shilajit Great Consistency! Great Product Overall

  25. Cartha Mawson

    I have been using honey sticks and liquid in my coffee and green tea. I have been using this for about a month. My energy level has increased and migraines have decreased to a minimum. My word comprehension has improved. I am looking forward to feeling healthy and vibrant as i continue using Shilajit products.
    Never too late to start.

  26. Sherrie

    I’m a newbie…fortunately I found the creme de la creme! My hubs has suffered autoimmune issues and recently thyroid cancer. Per recommendation and a visit to my family in Sedona we struck gold! We’ve been using Shilajit for over 8 months and it has been life changing. Its one component to modifying our overall health, well being & positive vibes!

  27. Doug Framer

    I’m really impressed with this Shilajit. As I keep taking it Im feeling more and more benefits. At first it was just my focus and mood that were improved, but now I feel stronger and more resilient. My sleep is better, I wake up feeling energized and ready and I’ve been dreaming more. I just ordered my 2nd jar and I’m on week 8 I believe. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  28. J

    I switched from another company to Lagit after three jars (from other company) over time. I was pleased with the other product but the price point was rough. Heard lots of good things about Lagit, had scored three jars for 130 on a sale. Loved it immediately. The taste and color is different, but I find the efficacy/immediate energy boost to be the same. And I like this company a lot more in general, how they treat their customers, and the love and energy they put into their products. Saging all the packaging etc, as a reiki practitioner, energetic intuitive, and apothecary owner, I love it, and I can definitely perceive the difference. I’ll be sticking with these guys. Gratitude all around.

  29. Victor

    A must have for a sense of clarity and relaxation. For such a plant to survive in the Himalayas, there must be a deep connection to the spiritual nature of this area. It is quite obvious that the infusion of the earth and that which is deeper manifest in every sip!

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Shilajit Resin, Destroyer of Weakness from high above the Himalayas.

Renowned by herbalists as a superior tonic for longevity.

Use Shilajit Resin in coffee, tea, water, or your favorite beverage.

Shilajit has many benefits and a long history of use helping both men and women increase their libido, vitality, and youthfulness.

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